Sunday, May 1, 2016


Have you ever taken the road less travelled?
just b’coz it was beautiful and serene
and not b’coz you wanted to be unique

Have you ever chased a Bus?
with no destination in mind
but b’coz the journey was wild

Have you ever taken a wrong turn?
just b’coz it felt so appealing
like it was your gut feeling

We are defined by our choices
and not by abilities
said Dumbledore to Harry
As the sweet spot where life begins

Lies at the end of our comfort zone

Dreams and Nostalgia

Back in the city of lakes
on the golden street
Near a limestone kiln
enclosed in the forest of Amaltas
is a house
which i call my home

With a beautiful lake on its left
And a majestic dam on its right
It is truly a nature's delight

the neighbourhood radiates opulence
where pets outnumber residents
and sedans rush through the streets
like the dark knight in Gotham city

Among these buildings sits a humble construction
how grand it is- doesn't really matter
I have many memories tied here
which makes me laugh,rejoice and may be shed a tear

I have mountains to climb
Conquer Paris and Rome
And bring glory back home
Because that's where i belong
And no matter where i go

A part of me still lives here

The greatest joys of Life

Sitting on a bench by the poolside
with a roaring fountain in the middle
making me poised
Did i ask for anything more in life?

wandering on a lonely street
with a forest by my side
staring at the night sky
shining with its full might

Did i ask for anything more in life?

The confessions of the weak hearted

As I lay on my bed,
i could hear my heart beating,
As blood rushed through my veins,
i could hear it thumping

They wished
“i want to hear my heart beating”
Dream wisely is what I am saying,
As one day ,
They may start realising

But Life’s no flat Grasslands
if you got the roses,
you’ve got to accept the thorns

Though I still prefer,
A vigorously beating heart,
over a silent one
But hearing heartbeats ,
while lying on a couch
on a bright  silent saturday noon
is something what I would not wish for

even for my darkest foes.